About the LPIC-1 Study Groups

I got the idea to create LPIC study groups, because I was studying for the LPIC exams myself, and thought it would be a great thing if I could share the knowledge that I have obtained over the years about Linux (My first experience with Linux was with Corel LinuxOS® in 1999) while adding value to my own studying.


The goal of the LPIC-1 study groups is not just to pass the exam, but to learn valuable skills. I intend to cover enough material that you should be able to pass the exams. That being said, they won't be easy. The study group outline and resources contain potentially over a thousand flash cards (I'm creating the flash cards as we go along, and I've already made over 125 just for hardware and architecture), and lots of reading. We should study hard for the exams.

Reviewing Exams:

When we review after taking an exam, we should never repeat questions that were on the exam. This is good practice for any exam as divulging exactly what is on an exam may invalidate your certification. We should however look at areas that we might not have covered and be sure to include them in our study curriculum moving forward. Therefore you might say, “The exam covered detailed questions about ZFS from Sun and I really didn't expect that". While, ZFS shouldn't be covered on the exam, we may fail to cover certain topics, and I will be sure to include them in later study groups.

A Note on Memorizing:

Some people think that you shouldn't memorize, but rather you should understand the information that we will cover. In some sense I might agree with this, but the fact is, you will never understand exactly why a certain I/O address is assigned by default to paraport0 instead of another. You will need to memorize a great deal of information. You will also need to understand concepts and the logic behind them.

What Does it Take to Start a Study Group Session?:

A group only needs two people to start, and the pace and curriculum will be decided by the participants. During a groups first meeting the designated moderator will need to work with the other members to confirm a schedule, study materials, and create a basic syllabus to guide the group with.


In each group a monetary expenditure may be necessary with regard to buying books and actually taking the exams, but no study group that is affiliated with this project is allowed to charge for instructional services and of course in relation to these study groups, I certainly will not.


It is my hope that in the spirit of open source, many people will help each other to learn more about the Linux operating system, and reach their certification goals.

If you have any questions or suggestions (suggestions are greatly appreciated), you can email me at kevin(at)kedens.com (replace the (at) with @), or view my resume for more contact information.

*These LPIC-1 study groups are neither endorsed or affiliated with the Linux Professional Institute ®.