Linux+ Study Group Flash Cards

The LPIC-1 Study Group flash cards are provided in three different formats, sql for use with your mysql server (see info below), csv so that you can import it directly into openoffice base (or another program), and the jml format for use with the Jmemorize flash card program available for free download (see the jMemorize link below).

The entries may look a little different because I took out the extra carriage returns and tabs from the sql and csv files so that they could more easily be converted to jml. You may want to add them back in if you want to print them (you might also want to take advantage of the fontsize field). If you add to or make corrections to the flash cards, feel free to email me your new sql file at kevin(at) so I can add them (just don't include real test questions, making your own is easy, just turn what you read while studying into a question. Use the search feature in openoffice to see if its already been added)

Linux+ sql file

Linux+ csv file

Linux+ Jmemorize file


If You Install mysql

Connecting to your flashcard database is a little bit difficult to set up at first, but with a little effort you can do it.

First you need to set up odbc or jdbc. This link should help you:

Connect to MySql

Next you might want to create a form to view the flashcards using base. Use the form wizard, select all the fields except the id field. Select the Columnar – labels on top view. Pick your favorite color (I usually choose bright blue because it's easier on the eyes). Last click the modify form radio button and resize the fonts and boxes so that you're comfortable working with it. You can click format page then choose the background tab to make the background a picture too.

Note: I had to download openoffice and install it from to make the form wizard work correctly. If you have problems you might try that also.

Next you'll either want to use my flashcard template or create your own for printing flashcards. If you make your own just press <F4> to view your data sources and drag the appropriate fields into your document. I use a Brother HL-2070n printer and print onto 3x5 index cards using Ubuntu Linux. You may need to modify the template if you're using a different set up.

Here is a link to my flashcard template

Flashcard Template