If you want to pay by credit card I can send an invoice to your email address that you can pay using Google Checkout or you can enter the amount you want to pay in the box below and click the Google Checkout Buy Now button.

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Recurring Payments for Lessons

If you take lessons from me, you can set up automatic payments that will be deducted on a monthly basis from your credit card. I use PayPal for recurring payments.  You can purchase a three, six, or twelve month lesson subscription.

A three month subscription is $85.00 per month. A six month subscription is $75.00 per month. If you want to subscribe for twelve months of lessons the rate is only $65.00 per month. 

This includes one half hour lesson per week or a one hour lesson every other week in the subject area of your choice.

One hour per week plans are $140 per month for three months, $120 per month for six months, or $80 per month for twelve months.

* Please note that scheduling conflicts might occur due to mandated schedule changes implemented by my current employer. In the event that a lesson may not be rescheduled you will receive a full refund for the missed lesson.

Half Hour Lesson Plans
$85.00/mo for 3 months.
$75.00/mo for 6 months
$65.00/mo for 12 months

One Hour Lesson Plans

$140.00/mo for 3 months.
$120.00/mo for 6 months.
$80.00/mo for 12 months